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8 Links you MUST have, but probably don’t, to keep up with Facebook


1) These are the 9 public ad types on Facebook with how to use them, ad dimensions, and so forth.
The local awareness ads might not be showing for you yet.

2) Hard to find, but get to the education section at:
You’ll have a ton of videos and courses to take.

3) Custom audiences are critical to your conversion.

4) Because Facebook is 60% mobile, you must measure traffic that crosses from mobile to desktop, especially if you’re in e-commerce.
This is one part of how Facebook lets you set attribution by view and click windows. Default is one day view-through and 7 day click, but you can change it.

5) And because you need to have an app (iOS or Android mainly), Facebook created a streamlined method for you to connect it Facebook.
Then you’ll be able to run app install ads and app engagement ads.

6) Facebook has great interviews with other ecosystem players.

7) If you can get into this group, you’ll get notice of the latest releases before everyone else, even if you live in New Zealand (the country that gets the updates first).

8) Or you can just search Google for the latest docs.
Do a query for site:

$50 in your pocket from Facebook is great news!

2014-05-15 17_13_57-Fwd_ $50 USD Ad Coupon to try Custom Audiences with Facebook Ads - max.darby@bli
And I’ve been saying that custom audiences are the most amazing thing about Facebook.
We can use them to rekindle customer relationships, help us convert new customers, drive engagement with the right audience segments, and make our email performance stronger.
Did you get one, too?

3,815,7771 travelers can’t be wrong! The best targeting platform in the world

Screenshot 2014-04-29 14.56.32

Are you excited about the new unified interest targeting in Facebook ads?

We can now target people who are currently traveling.  How does Facebook know?
They look at your activity by check-ins and current location, which includes mobile.

What’s awesomely scary is how Facebook has been tying together what’s in your profile (precise interests) with your offline behavior, your email lists, your website traffic, and the apps that your users have, and people who look like your best customers.

Isn’t this amazing?

100% CTR– is it real?

Yes, it is. But only on super-targeted audiences.


If you are targeting customers who have already bought from you, such as in these email custom audiences, then you’re shooting fish in a barrel.

Most folks are lucky to get a 1% CTR on Facebook.
But 20-40% is common with custom audiences (your emails loaded to Facebook or the website pixels).
Here’s one at over 80%.

And the high CTR means you get a low CPC (cost per click), which translates into a low cost per sale/conversion.

Are you using Facebook to squeeze more out of your other marketing efforts?

Using custom audiences to boost sales

Aren’t existing customers the easiest source of incremental revenue?

Original Juan, makers of spicy hot barbecue sauce, has taken their list, uploaded a custom audience, and advertised their Black Friday specials into the newsfeed.


They drove 4 conversions for only $26.72, which is a cost per conversion of $6.68.

You’ll have to decide if this is an acceptable conversion cost for you, whether it’s to acquire a new customer that might spend a lot more over the course of their lifetime or the incremental revenue from an existing customer.

The CTR and conversion rates on showing messages to existing customers is clearly higher than those not aware of your brand, it’s apples and oranges, just like brand vs non-brand terms on Google.

4 conversions on 52 clicks is a 7.7% conversion rate. Of course, if you’re in B2B lead gen or selling products that are over $100, often a 1% conversion rate can still be great.

The secret to custom audiences is to build up your list over time and mention the special only when the timing is right, when it’s your special sale or event. It takes patience to know when to sow versus reap.