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12 Things You Didn’t Know about Heather Dopson


As a social media strategist, Heather Dopson‘s passion to help others grow their online presence is overwhelming. She understands utilizing social means more than marketing, distribution channels, and cute pictures of cats.

Formerly the Social Operations Manager at Infusionsoft, she built the social business infrastructure by implementing Social Customer Service, Social Voice of Customer, Social Recruiting and Employee Social Advocacy programs.

Heather continues to help others with their business’s social presence with honest criticism, empowering owners and employees alike to get involved socially.

Here’s some facts about her:

1) Before becoming a social operations manager, she was in the Air Force and was a cop.  And this gave her the toughness to be able to deal with people of all walks of life.  If you’re running social in your company, you’ll have to pick your battles with others in marketing, operations, customer care, IT, creative, SEO, and so forth.

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2) She has a hedgehog named Viggo. Her dog died last year, but Viggo is a prickly friend.  He weighs in at just under one pound.


3) Her passion is educating and helping small businesses succeed. She guided development of Infusionsoft products, employee engagement and customer education.

4) She made it her mission to stop the confusion of Internet Marketing and be the guiding light for businesses and individuals wanting to leverage the immense power of Social Media.

5) She teaches classes focusing on Facebook and online marketing as she understands the tremendous value in educating the masses about the lucrative power of the Internet.

2014-07-31 17_47_15-Events _ Heather Dopson

6) She believes in the importance of empowering employees to build a brand.

7) Although she is a Native Texan, she grew up on a working ranch in Oklahoma and has been riding horses since she was in her mother’s belly.


8) She strongly believes fear is what holds most brands back from truly harnessing the power of social media.

9) She is known for her brutal honesty. She’ll say what needs to be said even if you don’t want to hear it.

10) Heather’s main inspiration for social are Jay Baer and Gary Vaynerchuk, helping businesses understand how to weave social into their marketing plans.


11) She believes if everyone truly provided exceptional customer service, brands could reduce their spending on lead gen, marketing and retention plans.

12) She will always be the voice for the voiceless & stand up for the underdog.


If you’re ever in need of good social advice or just someone awesome to follow, give Heather a shout:




751 notifications on my Facebook page


The big brand pages we have insights access on usually show 50-100 unread notifications at any point in time. If you get a few hundred public interactions and messages per day, you know how hard it is to get this number down.

If you are a small page or just getting going, you may welcome this level of activity. Like when you got your first cell phone, the novelty wears off.

Why does Facebook show this?

Because they know managing a Facebook page is not solely a marketing activity. Having a store in the mall isn’t purely a marketing activity for the same reason.

You are building relationships in a Ted Rubin or Heather Dopson-like way.

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Behind these clicks are real human beings. Behind your Google Analytics or traffic reports are people just like you.

Nurture them like potential friends, not numbers, and you will have mastered the “secret” of social!

My friend Dennis Yu experienced this first-hand a few years ago in New York City. He lost his wallet and was stuck. Ted Rubin came to Dennis’ rescue with cash, food, a hotel room, and his full attention. No amount of marketing or public speaking could ever equal the indelible impact he created there.

Now go forth and make raving mad fans of your business, organization, and initiative.

10 Facebook Marketing Tips From 10 Musicians

We recently spoke at the SongRise Music Conference in Peace River, Alberta. It’s an annual conference / workshop for people in the music industry.

I invited attendees to share the following: “What is the one tip you want to share with other artists that you learned at the SongRise Conference this weekend?”

The responses were amazing:

Karen Seaton10153281_10152447121939973_8311348071359097513_n

“This conference has taught me that no matter where you think you might be as a songwriter or musician, your talent is endless, as are the possibilities! My word of advise to all current or future delegates is to leave your fears behind in that crazy place we call the comfort zone. Take the leap and do what you love!!! 😉 Music is love! …and hugs, can’t be without hugs!”


Michael Cassidy Jr.


“The Songrise conference was amazing and all the info provided by BlitzMetrics was very beneficial. If there’s one tip I could offer another artist about the conference it would be this:
Learn a butt-load of valuable information while having some of the most fun you’ll have all year.”



Sarah Richards1506925_10151805203421372_1989875944_n

“The one tip that I would give to other artists about songrise is that I thought it was going to be hard to write with a couple strangers, but you never know who you’ll meet so give it a try and you’ll make lifelong friends and connections! So amazing!”



Richard Woodman1492538_10152307017005733_2960366168304225023_o

“I learned the importance of branding and letting that be a reflection of who you are”



Luke Lounsbury395654_3021274146266_1289562225_n

“This year at Songrise, I was exposed to the business side of the music industry. I also gained knowledge pertaining to grants and other opportunities you wouldn’t find anywhere else. A big thanks to everyone involved!”



Amy Metcalfe


“My tip to future songrise attendees would be to expect the unexpected. This conference has the perfect blend of encouraged creativity and practical tools necessary for today’s musicians. Top notch panel and sessions with small town warmth and personal connections.”



Vernon John Ledger


“One thing I learned from songrise is the importance of knowing who you are and what you have to offer, because when you know that, you know who your playing to”



Shae Long10245466_640496159358133_5804920539069598936_n

“The one thing I learned this weekend that I would like to share with other artists is that it doesn’t matter how old you are, what your talent is or how big your fan page is. If you have something to offer, that is something special and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Don’t underestimate what you can achieve when paired up with other great artists.



Lorissa Scriven

“Hey Alex big thanks to you a

10258858_10152414101215953_6543424718063694726_nnd Dennis for coming up to Peace River to share your knowledge with us. You are very inspiring people, who empower with knowledge! I love that! So… the homework. I would say going to #Songrise brings a sense of belonging unlike anything I have ever experienced.

It really taught me the importance of networking. Investing energy in relationships with people is honestly the best thing you can do in life and in the business of music.

The unity that comes from supporting one another is truly magical. A few things I would tell anyone who goes to the conference would be to make sure you leave your ego and inhibitions at home, let yourself be open, free yourself from fear, then.. see how you shine from within and outward like a giant light bulb!

Recognize and support all your fellow light bulbs! Everyone is so unique and radiant. Be inspired, write things down and maybe prepare yourself for the lack of sleep you will endure and don’t forget the “Experience hangover” that will happen for the weeks to follow.




Dana Blayone199352_10151416723548012_786784122_n

“Being one of the organizer’s of Songrise Music Conference & Showcase  my mind was blown with all the amazing artists and mentors that surround me during those two days. The business sessions grounded everyone to start looking at their music as a business, and the co-writing sessions made everyone glow with creativity and connectivity with those around them.

The one tip I want to share which I feel is the most important outcome from #songrise is the networking and relationships that happens organically. If you rise together as a musical family supporting and promoting one another while on your own journey, then you will discover success that lasts longer and is more sustainable. With a musical family you then will truly have No Limitz!.”


Music is all about expressing yourself, and the responses we received center around the idea of what makes you special. Share your passions, then reach out and network with others- remembering to always have fun.

This isn’t limited to just music, but crucial for any brand’s story. When your mission statement resonates with what drives your passions, your audience takes notice and reacts.

We cover all of this in our Songrise guides that you can download here.

If you’re a musician or work in the music industry, you should drop in at Songrise next year!