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12 Things You Didn’t Know about Heather Dopson


As a social media strategist, Heather Dopson‘s passion to help others grow their online presence is overwhelming. She understands utilizing social means more than marketing, distribution channels, and cute pictures of cats.

Formerly the Social Operations Manager at Infusionsoft, she built the social business infrastructure by implementing Social Customer Service, Social Voice of Customer, Social Recruiting and Employee Social Advocacy programs.

Heather continues to help others with their business’s social presence with honest criticism, empowering owners and employees alike to get involved socially.

Here’s some facts about her:

1) Before becoming a social operations manager, she was in the Air Force and was a cop.  And this gave her the toughness to be able to deal with people of all walks of life.  If you’re running social in your company, you’ll have to pick your battles with others in marketing, operations, customer care, IT, creative, SEO, and so forth.

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2) She has a hedgehog named Viggo. Her dog died last year, but Viggo is a prickly friend.  He weighs in at just under one pound.


3) Her passion is educating and helping small businesses succeed. She guided development of Infusionsoft products, employee engagement and customer education.

4) She made it her mission to stop the confusion of Internet Marketing and be the guiding light for businesses and individuals wanting to leverage the immense power of Social Media.

5) She teaches classes focusing on Facebook and online marketing as she understands the tremendous value in educating the masses about the lucrative power of the Internet.

2014-07-31 17_47_15-Events _ Heather Dopson

6) She believes in the importance of empowering employees to build a brand.

7) Although she is a Native Texan, she grew up on a working ranch in Oklahoma and has been riding horses since she was in her mother’s belly.


8) She strongly believes fear is what holds most brands back from truly harnessing the power of social media.

9) She is known for her brutal honesty. She’ll say what needs to be said even if you don’t want to hear it.

10) Heather’s main inspiration for social are Jay Baer and Gary Vaynerchuk, helping businesses understand how to weave social into their marketing plans.


11) She believes if everyone truly provided exceptional customer service, brands could reduce their spending on lead gen, marketing and retention plans.

12) She will always be the voice for the voiceless & stand up for the underdog.


If you’re ever in need of good social advice or just someone awesome to follow, give Heather a shout:




What converts best: Facebook or LinkedIn? Here are the results…

Interestingly, Facebook mobile converts slightly better than desktop newsfeed, but it depends on the product you’re selling, the content you’re promoting, and how much you’re asking for on the landing page.

The right-hand side ads fared poorly here, but delivered the most clicks and the highest share of new visitors. Of course, new visitors convert at a lower rate than retargeting traffic. So make sure you’re apples-to-apples.

Will the new RHS ad format convert better, as opposed to only delivering a higher CTR?

LinkedIn converts 70% better than Facebook, but the traffic costs 4 times as much.  Once they’re a lead, the conversion rates are similar, largely because we use ad copy that qualifies leads.

Some B2B players say that Facebook is for generating awareness (top of the funnel), since they have the greatest reach, while LinkedIn is for converting.  I’d say that was true a year ago, but not anymore because of website custom audiences and email custom audiences. The new workplace targeting options help mid-funnel activity, too.

So the question is not “Is Facebook better than LinkedIn?”
Rather, keep the highest performing segments from both networks. If you can spare the effort to run campaigns on both networks, it’s well worth your time.

Your own results will vary, so test it on your own data and let us know!

$50 in your pocket from Facebook is great news!

2014-05-15 17_13_57-Fwd_ $50 USD Ad Coupon to try Custom Audiences with Facebook Ads - max.darby@bli
And I’ve been saying that custom audiences are the most amazing thing about Facebook.
We can use them to rekindle customer relationships, help us convert new customers, drive engagement with the right audience segments, and make our email performance stronger.
Did you get one, too?

So you’re a social media consultant trying to generate leads on Facebook?

alex pic2A couple days ago, this random guy called my personal cell phone to pitch his services on how he would help me become known as a marketing expert. Do you get such calls, too?

He didn’t have a Facebook page himself. And when I asked him if he knew what we did, he didn’t know.

Most social media gurus hide behind websites that generate no traffic, landing pages that generate no leads and email lists of no subscribers. But at least this guy had the courage to dial for dollars, so we’ll give him a star for effort.

Are you selling social media services?

Here are the most common mistakes:

Expecting that you can make a few self-promotional posts and expect the leads to flow in.

You have to establish credibility over the long-run, just like you would in person.

Marketing on Facebook without already having a solid web presence and marketing automation in place.

Facebook marketing is just a social version of email marketing. You have to build a list and steady stream of content nurturing. If your website and email doesn’t convert or drive traffic, your social won’t, either.

Trying to be everything to everyone.

The world of online marketing is so big. Pick a niche. Maybe you are the social media expert for cosmetic surgeon. Or you’ve got a lot of experience working with musicians. Or you’re a Facebook ads pro.

To try to cover everything, ironically, gets you less business, since you’re competing against the specialists in so many areas.

So here’s what you SHOULD do:

Celebrate your clients’ successes!

Make it about them, not you. Tell their story with pictures and numbers, not generic “testimonials” or marketing fluff. Make it a “how to” of their journey, like I did with this fitness instructor here.

Share your best tips freely.
Sometimes the best things in life are free. Here is how I actually go about optimizing Facebook ads. Will I lose business from sharing our “secrets”?

No, since anyone who would implement this themselves wouldn’t be a good client (likely wouldn’t pay). And those who appreciate paying for service see that I know what I’m doing.

Speak in a tone you’d use with friends and colleagues
Don’t be guilty of making breathless promises, like the shady charlatans of social. You’re a business professional, like a doctor in a lab coat, not a circus clown. You’re well-trained and don’t need to pander.

Would you trust a doctor that loudly proclaimed he was a medical guru?

But what if I’m not an established authority in a particular vertical?

Then get more clients in that area.
Let’s say you have 3 clients in the outdoor sports category. Get more of them so you can get deeper.

But don’t choose your niche as geographic.
In other words, don’t try to be the best Facebook marketer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You’re much stronger to choose a type of business you’re specializing in, lest you suffer from trying to become an expert in every type of business under the sun.

Network with the folks who are most successful.
You might find that your “competitors” are actually friends. We refer a ton of business to folks that provide social analytics and Facebook ads. And they do the same for us. We know what we specialize in, so we’re happy to retweet and share their content.

Amplify what’s working and cut what’s not.
Jack Welch talked incessantly about being #1 in a category or getting out. And being a number 2 is like taking a number 2. Run page post ads to make sure your great content is being seen. Got a bunch of auto dealerships as clients? When you talk about their success, run ads to target other dealerships who are not clients.

Implement these techniques and you’ll have a steady stream of traffic and leads coming your way. No need to cold call ever again.

How the 300,000 EscapeArtist members can find a home on Facebook

Christine is the partner of Escape Artist International. She has over 300,000 people in her email list and wants to “clean up” their social media.


Their clients want to live, work, and invest in other countries. They’ve been around 18 years and grew up from an ex-pat community that shared tips on how to live abroad.

If you google “how to get a second passport” or related topics, they pop up. They monetize via an ad supported model and are now selling conferences.

But they have only 2,926 fans on Facebook with 10 active users.


And they don’t know who their social users are.
But through public data alone, we already know their top fans are 35-44 years old– much younger than they would have thought.

But so long as we have their facebook pageid, we can do analysis on their page. This is their graph id: 308371629230


And it’s easy to tell what her fans like.


They like traveling, cooking, spirituality, and even medical marijuana.

So what can Christine do, armed with better knowledge of who her fans are?

1) She needs to put her url in the first 3 lines of her page’s About section, so people can come to the site.


2) Instead of hard linking to the Facebook page, they should be using a social plug-in, provided free by Facebook. These plug-ins are socially aware, meaning they will tell you which of your friends are fans.


3) But perhaps the biggest impact she can make in tying her social and email communities together are using Custom Audiences. EscapeArtist can upload their 300k email list to Facebook list to see who matches, then do analysis on what they like, where they live, how old they are, the cars they drive, the magazines they read, the credit cards they have, the places they travel to, and so forth.

We describe this here.

Because this is a consumer list, we expect a 70% match rate, so 210,000 folks should match.

4) Tie marketing automation to social

Like most community sites, their list is not segmented, it’s one big list, where everyone is blasted the same message.

Once she’s segmented her audience into different goals, personas, countries, she can then upload these directly to Facebook to then double the impact of email marketing by ensuring her messages are in the newsfeed.

And she can use custom audiences to drive sales, reach advertisers, and promote conferences to people in each area.