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My favorite trick to weeding out unqualified job applicants

You probably heard of Van Halen’s 53 page contract rider and how it required a bowl of M&M’s backstage– brown ones removed.
It’s not that brown M&M’s are necessarily bad. Rather, the band was checking for attention to detail.
If there were brown M&M’s there, they knew to expect sloppiness in the lighting, stage set-up, and other details.

So we’ve been following a similar strategy in our job postings.
In this particular one, we asked the candidate to say “INCEPTION” in their response.

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We find it’s a good proxy for whether they will be sloppy when hired.
You don’t want people messing up on your projects now, do you?

A Mobile Phone Retailer Dials in Their Facebook Engagement

Tony Baker is Co-Founder at Phone Doctors, which sells accessories via 6 stores in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Screenshot 2014-01-13 at 11.52.23 PM
They fixed my business partner‘s iPad not once, but twice, for a cracked screen. Those golf carts seats are slippery, especially when you leave your device on the seat and didn’t use a protective cover. Tsk, tsk…
So as a thank you, we pimped out their Facebook ads with our 3 campaign strategy of audience, engagement, and conversion.
Here’s their site:
Lots of deals on accessories, if you want a charger, protective case, or whatnot.
They have a central brand page on Facebook with 5,074 fans and then 6 store-level pages with a few hundred fans each.
We like to say that you should have as many fans on Facebook as you have real customers. So let’s grow the 5,000 number a bit.
There are 60,000 people on Facebook within a 50 mile radius of Tulsa that have a mobile phone and have a friend who is a fan of Phone Doctors.
If we remove connection targeting, by the way, we can hit 400,000 people. But we like to show messages in the newsfeed with social endorsements embedded.
And we can still hit 1/7th of the total market with this social trust, since the fan base is decent. If you have only a few hundred fans, using the “friend of fan” connection targeting might restrict your audience too far.
Because we bid oCPM (the default, so don’t touch anything), Facebook will figure out which of these 60,000 people will be our best fans and also what price to bid for them.
I set the budget at $8 a day for the fan growth (audience) campaign, which should get us 10-20 new fans a day.
Now that we have a simple fan growth campaign, let’s grow our engagement.
No surprise, you have to pay to show up in your fan newsfeeds. Same way on Google or other networks. The free ride is over.
So we set up a “page post engagement” ad.
Screenshot 2014-01-13 at 3.18.15 AM
And then check the box to keep it “always on” (promoting the most recent post automatically.
Screenshot 2014-01-13 at 3.19.47 AM
And then target my fans.
Screenshot 2014-01-13 at 3.21.56 AM
Don’t worry about the audience counts not being exact. Facebook is just estimating.
I put this ad in a new campaign called 2_engagement, since I don’t want to muddy my fan growth campaign and engagement campaign.
Give it the same budget as your fan growth campaigns if you’re small. When you have a decent fan base, you can shift more into engagement and conversion.
This workhorse ad fixes the problme of newsfeed reach. Though Phone Doctors has over 5,000 fans, their average post gets 100-200 people.
Screenshot 2014-01-13 at 3.27.58 AM
So 97% of their fans don’t see their posts. That’s normal.
Don’t freak out. Just pay a few dollars to ensure you show up.
Now “create a similar ad” to make sure you get newsfeed reach against folks who are friends of fans and like mobile phones. You can replicate the audience you used for fan growth.
Don’t forget to filter down to where you have your stores, unless you want to target the entire United States or whatever your home country is.
Now it’s time to promote our deals!
You can run an online or in-store offer or just track conversion (if you have the pixel installed). It’s not as hard as it sounds.
Now upload a few image combinations, choose a compelling headline and body– and off you go!
Set your budget at a bit less than your engagement campaign, just so you can see how your audiences respond to your offer.
If you’e got an email list, upload it and use it as a “custom” audience in each of your 3 campaigns. You’ll need to “create a similar ad” for each campaign and then select just that audience.
Hope this helps you get going.
Let me know in the comments below what you think!

Five Action Steps To Be More Enthusiastic In Business

Over the past several weeks I have been on numerous sales calls, nothing unusual, but something I have found to have great influence and correlation to positive results is enthusiasm.

If you can show that you are super excited about what you are talking about or offering that will go a long way. I can say that as both someone who is very enthusiastic and someone who has listened to salespeople with that same mindset. Enthusiasm can also position you expertly, in ways knowledge alone can’t. If you can blend knowledge, expertise, AND enthusiasm, you will have more fun during sales calls and so will your prospects.

Now, I will give you a few action steps to help you nail this at your next meeting.

Action steps:

  1. Enjoy what you are doing. If you don’t like what you are doing or presenting, it will be extremely difficult to actually be enthusiastic about what you are talking about. This is critical and that is why it is the first step.
  2. Sit up tall. It will allow for you to have more oxygen in your lungs and it will display more confidence.
  3. Study your material. Knowing what your are presenting will help you flow through your presentation and give you the confidence to maintain your enthusiasm.
  4. Relax and let your personality shine through. If you stay true to yourself, you and your personality will shine through and that will make enthusiasm pour from you.
  5. Be happy. This may be obvious, but in my opinion, enthusiasm won’t happen without happiness. It will also send a good vibe from you.

Well, that is all I have for today. Leave a comment if you have any other tips you have found to be useful!

Why you should think about real business practices, when doing SEO.

Let’s be honest here. If you do SEO, you probably ramble on about PageRank, domain authority, 500 word articles for $20, blasting thousands of links with one button, etc. That needs to stop.

I apologize for the hostility, but it really needs to stop.

Search engine optimization should be a part of a marketing plan that helps generate revenue for the business. At the end of the day when you are talking about online strategy to an executive, they don’t care about “link juice”. They want to know if this will increase their brand and make them more money.

If you want to be taken seriously, think about how you can increase the company through unique strategies that provide value to the community of interested prospects. This value you provide as a brand, will create raving fans, people that love what you offer, and ultimately people that buy what your company sells.

Use real company activities such as charity, events, conferences, and use those things to create unique content. That content is what will get the precious links you are after, all while amplifying the true nature and culture of the business.

As an SEO, get your mindset thinking about more than just the link, and you will find more success that way.